Custom 3D Design and Manufacturing

We love custom designing things!  Seeing them magically appear into existence with 3D printing is equally cool. We can help you with your prototyping and short run manufacturing, whether its one thing or thousands.  Contact us to start your custom project today!

People come to us with some very unique projects, and we're always excited to see what lands on our desks next!  Here are some of the projects we've designed and printed for our clients.

Affordable Housing

This client was developing an affordable housing concept based on a shipping container.  The idea is that a container would ship with all the parts of the house inside.  Upon arriving, the container itself would become part of the actual house!  Anyone who donated to the project (being a non-profit) would receive a "toy" version of the shipping container house as a thank you.  We did the 3D design and subsequent manufacture of the "toy" container house and all its parts.  Everything packs up neatly into a mini shipping container.

Building Replica

Need a miniature replica of one of your buildings for a trade show booth?  We've got you covered.  This client gave us photos of their building and asked us to make a replica to be on display in the center of the booth.

Custom Cup Holder

A client had an existing 3D model of a cup holder extender for a Lexus GX and wanted us to add embossed "GX" lettering to it.  We were able to do so easily and to date we've printed 90 for him.

High strength and temperature resistance

We specialize in printing difficult-to-print materials such as ABS, ASA, Nylon, and Polycarbonate.  We use custom-built (by us) large format printers that can print at nearly 550° F!  These printers are designed to be high-speed as well provide an enclosed printing environment so that we can avoid part warping (which these types of materials love to do).  One of many examples is a custom part printed in Polycarbonate.

Clown-sized Baseball Bat

The Las Vegas Fire Clowns wanted to add a comically large baseball bat to their antics at local sporting events.  We designed a giant cartoon-like baseball bat for them, printed it in multiple pieces, and epoxied them together with a steel pipe core.

Bill and Ted Phone Booth

Would there be anything cooler than reconstructing Bill and Ted's time travelling phone booth?  This client contacted us to create translucent payphone buttons to include on their phone booth reconstruction.  They sent us some 3D CAD files which were we able to adjust and prep for printing.  We printed them using two different processes and materials (PETG and Resin) so they could choose which worked best for them. 


Casino Token Racks

A casino contacted us needing custom token racks for a new coin they had just minted.  We designed the new rack based on their existing racks, but we were able to fine-tune the final product to address issues they had with their old ones.  We then printed 1500 of them!

Auto Parts: Custom and Replication

Someone contacted us about re-creating a truck wheel hub cover that was not available for sale any longer.  He shipped us the original part and we were able to not only replicate it, but print it in polycarbonate, which is extremely tough and resists temperatures up to 235° F.  We printed 8 copies for him.

Yet another client had designed a custom intake manifold. We printed it using ASA filament (resists temps up to 200° F) so that it can be installed in a vehicle.  As crazy as it might sound, 3D printed parts can be used under the hood of a car!

Another automotive part we've printed was for a custom Hyundai badge mount, both front and back.  This part was also printed from ASA, which besides having high temp resistance is also UV resistant.

Hyundai badge mounts

Tweeters (not Twitter)

As part of a custom speaker build, a client sent us a file to print for their custom tweeter housing/mounting point.

 Robot Wheels

These custom wheels for a robotics project where printed from a flexible, rubbery material called TPU.  It works great for projects that need the qualities that rubber can provide.